Zoom WiFi Kids Monitor With Camera
Zoom WiFi Kids Monitor With Camera
Zoom WiFi Kids Monitor With Camera
Zoom WiFi Kids Monitor With Camera

WiFi Kids Monitor With Camera


Monitor Your Child 24/7

Don’t let your child harm themselves by climbing onto cabinets and drawers. Remotely speak, listen, and watch your baby during the night and day.

Why Every Parent Need This?

  • Ensures your baby isn't in danger at all times.
  • Keeps you from having to worry about your baby.

Keep Your Baby Safe!

Be able to observe your baby without bothering or waking them up.  

Night Vision – Night vision will let you check up on the baby visually at any time, without turning on the light and risk waking up your baby.

Motion Detection – With motion detection, you’ll know exactly when your baby is awake and moving around in their crib, even before the baby makes a noise.

Two-Way Audio – You can hear your baby and sing lullabies through the two-way speaker with the Mini Baby Monitor.

Sound Activation – The camera can also alert you to your baby’s cries.

Remote Access – At any time, you can pull up the app on your smartphone and look at the camera feed and hear the audio.

Long Battery Life - Mini Baby Monitor is designed to use only a small amount of energy to record video and it’s easy to move to whichever room the baby is in.


QWhat is the resolution of the screen?

A. Full HD 1080p resolution at 25fps.

QDoes the monitor run on battery?

A. No, the monitor works with a power plug.

QWhere can I see the monitor’s footage?

A. The footage will be stored in a Micro SD card (SD card is NOT INCLUDED).

QWhere can I remotely watch my baby?

A. Through the YCC365 PLUS App for both iOS and Android.

WiFi Kids Monitor With Camera